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Public Opinion

Parents surveyed on Education

The survey commissioned by the Ontario Public School Boards Association, found that Ontarians are twice as likely to say spending money on public education is more important than eliminating the deficit.

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Class Size

Does Class Size Matter?

Similar to research by Charles Achilles and William Mathis, this report provides an overview of the main findings of the research on class sizes.

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Impact of Class Size Increases – Summary

OSSTF/FEESO simulated the class size increases in 60 schools across Ontario to determine the estimated impact on classroom sections. Further, OSSTF/FEESO estimated the potential shortfall of teachers with particular qualifications who retire and are not likely to be replaced.

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Online Learning


An analysis of 2017-2018 outcomes in Michigan illustrates that virtual learning is not a good fit for all students. The pass rate for on-line courses was 55% compared to 79% for face-to-face courses. Although enrolment in virtual learning increased by more than 500% since 2010, the virtual learning pass rate dropped from 66% to 55% over the same period.

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eLearning: The Students’ Perspective

In today’s society, technology has become an integral part of Ontario’s publicly-funded education system. The manner in which technology is used in the classroom is constantly evolving to fit the needs of this 21st century approach to education.

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SPecial Education


This study examined how educational personnel in an exemplary school ensured students with severe disabilities were given access to the general education curriculum (i.e., the same curriculum taught to students without disabilities). The authors identify specific instructional and curriculum practices and highlight the importance of collaboration among various educational professionals.

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Special Education | Enhancing Services: Enhancing Success

In March 2008, OSSTF/FEESO released its final report of Enhancing Services: Enhancing Success, an independent research project on improving student success through the provision of services by school board employed professionals such as psychologists, social workers and speech and language pathologists.

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Teacher Salaries Fell 4.5% Over the Last Decade

The plight of the teaching profession is a narrative that’s made headlines over the last two years, as educators have become more vocal about the state of their profession, including how their low pay stands in stark contrast to the high expectations placed on them.

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Ontario’s World-Class Education System

Ontario Budget

The Economic Case for Investing in Education

This report looks at two under-researched aspects of education investment: the overall economic impact of investing in public education; and the long-run savings in government expenditures that can be achieved by improving education outcomes.

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