OSSTF/FEESO’s Proposal to Move Negotiations Forward

In an effort to bring the parties back to the Teacher/Occasional Teacher and Education Worker bargaining tables and to allow meaningful negotiations to occur, OSSTF/FEESO makes the following proposal:

OSSTF/FEESO will agree to:

  1. Postpone the full withdrawal of services at select boards of education scheduled for Wednesday, December 11, 2019;
  2. Use a mutually agreed upon private mediator.

In return, the Crown agrees to:

  1. Revert to 2018-19 average class size regulation of 22:1; 
  2. Eliminate mandatory e-Learning;
  3. Provide assurances that Bill 124 will not be an impediment to free collective bargaining.


To be clear, this is a proposal to remove barriers to allow the parties to get back to the table to bargain the many issues of substance.