November 28

Summary of Teacher / Occasional Teacher Table

OSSTF/FEESO met with the OPSBA/Crown management team on November 28, 2019.

In good faith, OSSTF/FEESO presented a summary of outstanding issues to the management team, as well as some movement in a few select areas. This took a total of eleven (11) minutes. The Federation offered to meet in a small group to discuss Hiring Practices. A discussion took place. The management team has yet to respond with a written comprehensive pass of their own for the Federation to consider.

Frustrated with the lack of progress and movement on any meaningful issues, OSSTF/FEESO had no alternative but to apply additional pressure and provided six (6) days’ notice of a one day province-wide walk-out on Wednesday, December 4th.

Through a press conference, once again, Minister Lecce chose to offer an expensive and wasteful third-party mediation. The Federation is satisfied with the efforts of the mutually agreed-to mediator from the Ministry of Labour, who is working at no cost to the parties. Minister Lecce provided misleading information on future bargaining dates that were never presented through the appointed mediator.

OSSTF/FEESO is deeply disappointed at the lack of response to our path toward a deal.

OSSTF/FEESO continues to be ready and willing to bargain at the table and encourages the Minister to refrain from making further demonstrably false and inflammatory comments that are unhelpful to the process.