November 27

Summary of Support Staff (Education Workers) Table

OSSTF/FEESO met with the Council of Trustees’ Association/Crown management team on November 27, 2019.

Last week, on November 21st during a press conference, Minister Lecce repeatedly stated the management team had tabled the CUPE deal, and that OSSTF/FEESO had declined it and walked away from the table. Both statements remain blatantly untrue. Regardless of what the Minister said last week, the CUPE deal had not been tabled, and we neither declined it nor walked away.

Yesterday morning, OSSTF/FEESO sought clarification from the management team about the Minister’s comments. Despite seeking clarification, the management team’s position was still unclear. OSSTF/FEESO repeatedly asked them to table the CUPE deal as a way to get discussions moving. Finally, at 5:20pm, the management team tabled a one page double-sided document which is essentially a summary of the CUPE deal. It was presented as a full, comprehensive package in settlement of all matters.

In good faith, OSSTF/FEESO carefully reviewed the Federation’s outstanding issues and incorporated the relevant items from the management team’s summary. Later in the evening, OSSTF/FEESO responded with a summary of our own path to a deal and indicated a willingness to make incremental adjustments to some of our original proposals. The management team asked no questions and had no response to the proposal. There was no meaningful discussion.

OSSTF/FEESO is disappointed at the lack of response to our path toward a deal.

No other dates have been scheduled but we remain prepared to set new dates and continue the bargaining process.