November 15

Summary of Support Staff (Education Workers) Table:

OSSTF/FEESO met today with representatives from the government and the Council of Trustees’ Associations (CTA) at the Support Staff central bargaining table.

Today, OSSTF/FEESO requested financial information in order to facilitate conversations regarding potential savings within Ontario’s education system. These areas of discussion included:

  1. Ministry of Education Initiatives and Staffing Levels
  2. Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Costs
  3. Opportunities to find efficiencies in the grievance arbitration process
  4. Financial savings through short term voluntary unpaid leaves
  5. Sick Leave efficiency pilot and associated savings

It is clear the management team did not give due consideration to OSSTF/FEESO’s proposal. Less than two hours after receiving the proposal, the management team dismissed all potential savings.  Furthermore, the management team provided no financial information to support their dismissal of these cost saving measures. This response only works to erode the productive exchange of ideas.

OSSTF/FEESO remains frustrated and disappointed. It is entirely unclear how this lack of transparency and clear communication on the part of the management team will lead to solutions.

There was also a cursory conversation about sick leave and administrative efficiencies for benefits, but no progress was made.

Central table strike votes are now complete, and the results of the vote will be released and next steps will be discussed at a media conference at 1:30 pm, Monday, November 18.

Future bargaining dates are scheduled for November 18th, 19th, (Teacher/Occasional Teacher), 20th and 21st (Support Staff)