December 3

Summary of Support Staff (Education Workers) Table

Earlier this morning, OSSTF/FEESO met with the mediator for approximately ten minutes.

There were no meetings with the management team.  There were no offers made to OSSTF/FEESO.  There was no response to OSSTF/FEESO’s last proposal, which the management team received November 27th.

OSSTF/FEESO sat in their caucus room from 9am – 12am, a total of 15 hours, with no communication or proposals from the management team.

At 9pm, OSSTF/FEESO received a request from the management team to agree to the use of a private mediator. OSSTF/FEESO responded that we were satisfied with the agreed to mediator already in place, with whom OSSTF/FEESO and the management team have been working since November 19th.

There are no more scheduled dates for the Support Staff Table. OSSTF/FEESO remains committed to continuing the bargaining process and remains mystified by the seeming lack of interest shown by the government in moving towards settlement. 

To be clear, we are no closer to a settlement today than we were last week or last month as there has been absolutely no progress. OSSTF/FEESO stands by our proposals because they are fair, reasonable, and good for students.