December 2

Very limited exploratory discussions occurred on e-Learning on and off throughout the course of the day but resulted in nothing being resolved or even advanced.

With a view to discuss potential efficiencies and cost saving measures, on November 1, 2019  OSSTF/FEESO requested data related to short term voluntary unpaid leaves as well as the grievance and arbitration processes by Board on November 14th and 15th respectively.    Today, OSSTF/FEESO made the same request for data through the mediator and received some, but not all, of the data late in the afternoon. 

There are no more scheduled dates for the Teacher / Occasional Teacher table. OSSTF/FEESO remains committed to continuing the bargaining process and remains mystified by the seeming lack of interest being shown by the government in moving towards settlement. 

To be clear, we are no closer to a settlement today than we were last week or last month as there has been absolutely no progress. OSSTF/FEESO stands by our proposals because they are fair, reasonable and good for students.